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Student Research Assistants

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  • Student Research Assistants
    Student Research Assistants
  • Lukas Bring
    Lukas Bring
  • Philip Feller
    Philip Feller
  • Sonja Hoffmann
    Sonja Hoffmann
  • Anne Kröhling
    Anne Kröhling
  • Mariella Mirbach
    Mariella Mirbach
  • Carina Münker
    Carina Münker
  • Tillmann Nett
    Tillmann Nett
  • Kevin Pütz
    Kevin Pütz
  • Noëlle Rensing
    Noëlle Rensing
  • Jana Schneider
    Jana Schneider
  • Anna-Lena Schmitt
    Anna-Lena Schmitt