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Open Science Statement

In our research we adhere to the following open science standards if ever practically possible:

  • hypotheses are either pre-registered or studies / analyses are explicitly marked as exploratory,

  • data and materials (and if possible also reproducible analysis scripts) are made publicly available at the time of publication,

  • all manipulations and assessed variables are reported; also failed studies in a project are reported,

  • studies are planned to have sample sizes that allow achieving sufficient statistical power; power is a-priori determined (if possible) on the basis of power analyses,

  • we support replication and also aim to make non-successful replications (of own and others’ findings) available.   

Exceptions are possible, for example, if there are restrictions due to legal or contractual obligations (e.g., concerning data sharing or material sharing) or if quick set-ups are required to analyze current societal developments.

The application of transparency and openness principles is documented by providing links to data and material in the publication list on the individual researchers’ webpages.