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Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Marc Jekel


Phone +49-221-470-3440
Fax +49-221-470-1216

AddressRichard-Strauss-Str. 2, 50931 Köln | Germany
Room 2.A04
Office hours by appointment

Research interests

Coherence-based reasoning • Information search • Adaptive toolbox • Learning • Rationality • Methods & statistics


  • Pittelkow, M. M., Field, S. M., Isager, P. M., van’t Veer, A. E., Anderson, T., Cole, S. N., ... & Van Ravenzwaaij, D. (2023). The process of replication target selection in psychology: what to consider?. Royal Society Open Science10(2), 210586.

  • Scharf, S. E., Jekel, M., & Glöckner, A. (2022). Awareness of option attractiveness increases the attraction search effect: Modeling the awareness effect in an extended iCodes model. Decision9, 43-59.

  • Jekel, M., Fiedler, S., Allstadt Torras, R., Mischkowski, D., Dorrough, A. R., & Glöckner, A. (2020). How to teach open science principles in the undergraduate curriculum — the Hagen Cumulative Science Project. Psychology Learning & Teaching, 19(1), 91-106.

  • Glöckner, A., & Jekel, M. (2019). Testing cognitive models by a joint analysis of multiple dependent measures. In M. Schulte-Mecklenbeck et al. (Eds.), Handbook of Process Tracing (2nd Edition)(pp. 356-373). New York: Routledge.

  • Betsch, T., Lehmann, A., Jekel, M., Lindow, S., & Glöckner, A. (2018). Children's application of decision strategies in a compensatory environment. Judgment and Decision Making, 13, 514-528.  [pdf]  [data]

  • Jekel, M., & Glöckner, A. (2018). How to identify strategy use and adaptive strategy selection: The crucial role of chance correction in weighted compensatory strategies. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 31, 265-279.

  • Jekel, M., & Glöckner, A. (2018). Meaningful model comparisons have to include reasonable competing models and also all data: A rejoinder to Rieskamp (2018). Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 31, 289-293.

  • Ashby, N. J. S., Jekel, M., Dickert, S., & Glöckner, A. (2016). Finding the right fit: A comparison of process assumptions underlying popular drift-diffusion models. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 42, 1982-1993.

  • Jekel, M., Glöckner, A., Bröder, A., & Maydych, V. (2014). Approximating rationality under incomplete information: Adaptive inferences for missing cue values based on cue-discrimination. Judgment and Decision Making, 9, 129-147.  [pdf]  [data and materials]

  • Gollwitzer, M., Rothmund, T., Alt, B., & Jekel, M. (2012). Victim sensitivity and the accuracy of social judgments. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38, 975–984.

  • Jekel, M., Fiedler, S., & Glöckner, A. (2011). Diagnostic task selection for strategy classification in judgment and decision making: Theory, validation, and implementation in R. Judgment and Decision Making, 6, 782-799.  [pdf]  [materials]

  • Jekel, M., Nicklisch, A., & Glöckner, A. (2010). Implementation of the Multiple-Measure Maximum Likelihood strategy classification method in R: Addendum to Glöckner (2009) and practical guide for application. Judgment and Decision Making, 5, 54-63.  [pdf]  [data and materials]

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Academic distinctions

  • Junior Start-Up Grant Attraction Search Effect and Social Value Orientation, awarded by C-SEB, University of Cologne, 2020-2021

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