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Lammers Group | Research

Research in the Lammers group focuses on social differences. One research interest concerns the psychological effects of power. Here we aim to find out how having (versus lacking) power affects people's thoughts, decisions, and behavior. We also try to better understand the limits and moderators of such effects. A second research interest concerns moral cognition and behavior. In particular, we are interested in how people's need to compare favorably with others affects their moral (and immoral) functioning. A third research interest lies in political psychology. Political psychology has been criticized for painting a stereotypic image of those on the right of the political spectrum (i.e. conservatives). We try to correct this and gain a more nuanced and deeper understanding of the psychology behind political conservatism. Fourth and finally, we do research on gender and sexism. In the past decades, women have made great advances toward gaining a more equal position, but much work still needs to be done. Our research is aimed at detecting obstacles and finding solutions to help in this process.