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DFG Research Unit FOR 2150 | Relativity in Social Cognition


The Research Units’ second funding phase started January 1st, 2018, with a three-year funding phase. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the funding phase was extended until the end of 2021. However, some projects will continue until the middle of 2022. The page lists all the members of the Research Unit that are and were affiliated with the Unit during this time.

Principal Investigators
Prof. Dr. Christian Unkelbach
Chair Research Unit
PD Dr. Jan Crusius
Dr. Ron Dotsch
Prof. Dr. Adam Galinsky
Prof. Dr. Anne Gast
Prof. Dr. Oliver Genschow
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Hofmann
Prof. Dr. Roland Imhoff
Prof. Dr. Joris Lammers
Prof. Dr. Axel Ockenfels
Prof. Dr. Iris Schneider
Prof. Dr. Sascha Topolinski
Doctoral Researchers
M. Sc. Katharina Diel
M. Sc. Judith Gerten
M. Sc. Eileen Pauels
M. Sc. Lea Sperlich
M. Sc. Mareike Westfal
Mercator Fellows
Prof. Dr. Thomas Bugnyar
University of Vienna, Austria
Prof. Dr. Ayelet Fishbach
University of Chicago, USA
Prof. Dr. Nira Liberman
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Prof. Dr. Thomas Mussweiler
London Business School, UK
Dr. Daniela Kussberger
Administrative Coordination
M. Sc. Lea Sperlich
Scientific Coordination