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Glöckner Group | Aktuelles

15. November 14.00 – 15.30 Uhr

Global Faculty Talk | Paul van Lange

Department Psychologie der Humanwissenschaftlichen Fakultät

Hörsaal H115 im IBW-Gebäude (Geb.-Nr. 211, 3. OG).
Herbert-Lewin-Str. 2
50931 Köln


Herr Prof. Paul van Lange (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) wird im Rahmen der Gastvortragsreihe im Department Psychologie einen Vortrag zum o. g. Thema halten.

Are humans naturally good? Are we naturally bad, or both? In the history of science, most philosophers have long assumed that humankind is bad rather than good. Nietsche, Schopenauer, Hobbes are perhaps among the first that come to mind, with Rousseau as the exception to the rule. But with the increase in empirical science, views of humankind can now be addressed through research, including revisiting some classic studies in the field of social psychology. As the title suggests, a broader look at research supports the conclusion that most individuals are good, but most groups are not. The talk discusses explanations and offers suggestions for solutions to boost the goodness of groups.