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July 21-24, 2016 | 5th European Meeting

On the Psychology of Attitudes

Experience-Based versus Information-Based Attitude Processes

expand: On the Psychology of Attitudes

Our evaluations towards objects in the world can be based on two completely different types of sources. On the one hand, attitudes can be based on one’s own experience (e.g., mere exposure; conditioning). On the other hand, attitudes can be based on information that is shared by third parties (e.g., persuasion; social media). Although the distinction between experience versus information has been around for a longtime, recent years have seen a rise in relevant theorizing and empirical research, for example in work on attitude strength, evaluative conditioning, embodied cognition, dual and single process models, automaticity, risk seeking, and the effects of social media. While these topics all relate to the distinction of experience based and information based attitudes, approaches and terminology vary largely. We hope that the meeting on experience-based versus information-based attitude processes will contribute to developing a common understanding and mutual exchange, and encourages new collaborations for future research.

Venue | Maternushaus [www] • Kardinal-Frings-Str. 1-3 • 50668 Köln [map]