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Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Felix Speckmann

Phone +49-221-470-1299
AddressRichard-Strauss-Str. 2, 50931 Köln | Germany

Room 1.A16
Office hours by appointment

Research interests

Stereotypes and prejudice • Cognitive Illusions • Intercultural psychology • Category perception • Spatial arrangement • Web scraping • Machine learning


  • Speckmann, F., & Wingen, T. (2023). Same question, different answers?: An empirical comparison of web data and traditional data. Zeitschrift Für Psychologie, 231(1), 30–38.

  • Koch, A., Speckmann, F., & Unkelbach, C. (2022). Q-SpAM: How to efficiently measure similarity in online research. Sociological Methods & Research, 51(3), 1442–1464.

  • Speckmann, F. (2022). Investigating meaningful consequences as an attenuation strategy for the truth effect and the Moses illusion as examples of cognitive illusions. Doctoral Thesis published at University and City Library of Cologne.

  • Speckmann, F., & Unkelbach, C. (2022). The Moses illusion. In R. F. Pohl (Ed.), Cognitive illusions: Intriguing phenomena in thinking, judgment, and memory (pp. 359-370). Routledge.

  • Unkelbach, C. & Speckmann, F. (2021). Mere Repetition Increases Belief in Factually True COVID-19-Related Information. Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 10(2), 241-247.

  • Speckmann, F. & Unkelbach, C. (2021). Moses, money, and multiple-choice: The Moses Illusion in a multiple-choice format with high incentives. Memory & Cognition, 49, 843-862.

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Academic distinctions

  • Student Grant Predicting cognition and behavior from Big Data: A machine learning workshop with Professor Danilo Bzdok (together with Alex Koch), awarded by C-SEB, University of Cologne, 2018

  • Junior Start-Up Grant SpAM as a pure measure of self-construal (together with Janina Steinmetz), awarded by C-SEB, University of Cologne, 2016

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