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DFG Research Unit FOR 2150 | Relativity in Social Cognition

Central Project

Christian UnkelbachMatthew BaldwinLaura Van BerkelAlexa Weiss

The central project aims at bridging the individual projects of the research unit. The researchers pursue additional research projects relating to the topics of the research unit, particularly social comparison, combining these with various other research areas and methodological approaches. Moreover, they develop new research questions and collaborations at the intersection of multiple individual projects. As such, the central project aims at integrating the research unit as a whole, and connecting the research unit with external researchers and research perspectives within and beyond the University of Cologne. For example, the central project comprises projects investigating the interplay of social comparison and societal structures or moral-cognitive implications of self-control.

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Prof. Dr. Christian Unkelbach
PI | Evaluative Ecology

Universität zu Köln

DFG Forschergruppe FOR 2150 - Relativity in Social Cognition
Richard-Strauss-Str. 2
50931 Köln | GERMANY

Telephone +49-221-470-2001
E-mail christian.unkelbach(at)