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Doctoral Researcher

M. Sc. Taylor Benedict

Phone +49-221-470-3045
AddressRichard-Strauss-Str. 2, 50931 Köln | Germany

Room 2.A18
Office hours by appointment

Research interests

Evaluative conditioning • False memory


  • Richter, J., Seffen, A., Benedict, T., & Gast, A. (in press). No evidence of consolidation of evaluative conditioning during waking rest and sleep. Cognition and Emotion. [Preregistrations and Data on OSF]
  • Benedict, T., & Gast, A. (in press). Evaluative conditioning with fear- and disgust-evoking stimuli: No evidence that they increase learning without explicit memory. Cognition and Emotion.
  • Moran, T., Hughes, S. J., Hussey, I., Vadillo, M., Olson, M., Aust, ... Benedict, T. ... & De Houwer, J. (2021). Incidental attitude formation via the surveillance task: A registered replication report of Olson and Fazio (2001). Psychological Science, 32(1), 120–131.

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Academic distinctions

  • Seedcorn Grant Investigating memory processes underlying evaluative conditioning with functional magnetic resonance imaging (together with Anne Gast (PI), & Christiane Thiel (University of Oldenburg)), awarded by C-SEB, University of Cologne, 2017

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