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Schneider Group | Social and Economic Cognition III

Research Interns and Assistants

Stud. psych. Jacqueline Bachmann
Research & Administrative Assistant

B. Sc. Lina-Sophia Falkenberg
Research Intern

Stud. psych. Celine Frank
Research Intern & Lab Coordinator

Stud. psych. Hanna Kühlkamp
Research Assistant

B. Sc. André Mattes
Research Assistant

M. Sc. Julia Stapels
Research Intern

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  • Research Interns and Assistants
    Research Interns and Assistants
  • Jacqueline Bachmann
    Jacqueline Bachmann
  • Lina-Sophia Falkenberg
    Lina-Sophia Falkenberg
  • Celine Frank
    Celine Frank
  • Hanna Kühlkamp
    Hanna Kühlkamp
  • André Mattes
    André Mattes
  • Julia Stapels
    Julia Stapels