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Visiting Scholar

M. Sc. Sandra Godinho

Phone +49-221-470-1523

AddressRichard-Strauss-Str. 2, 50931 Köln | Germany

Room 2.B15
Office hours by appointment

Research interests

Social cognition • Embodiment • Consumer behaviour • Marketing


  • Godinho, S., & V. Garrido, M. (2017). Branding with the in–out effect: The impact of consonantal articulation on brand evaluation. Psychology & Marketing, 34, 904–911. doi:10.1002/mar.21031
  • Godinho, S., Prada, M., & Garrido, M. V. (2016). Under pressure: An integrative perspective of time pressure impact on consumer decision-making. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 28, 251–273. doi:10.1080/08961530.2016.1148654
  • Godinho, S., & Garrido, M. V. (2016). Oral approach-avoidance: A replication and extension for European–Portuguese phonation. European Journal of Social Psychology, 46, 260–264. doi:10.1002/ejsp.2172

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