DFG research unit FOR 2150

Relativity in social cognition
Antecedents and consequences of comparative thinking

Julia Fischer
Thomas Bugnyar
Thomas Mussweiler
Roland Imhoff
Ron Dotsch
Daniel Wigboldus
Christian Unkelbach
Anne Gast
Sascha Topolinski
Wilhelm Hofmann
Axel Ockenfels
Joris Lammers
Adam Galinsky
Bettina Rockenbach

The research unit "Relativity in Social Cognition" investigates psychological relativity as a unifying principle that accounts for the complexity and variety of social behavior. Our research unit is guided by the idea that if comparative thinking is a central mechanism in social cognition, then it should be affected by, and affect itself, a wide variety of phenomena. We hence seek to demonstrate the central role of comparison by identifying its antecedents and consequences, (focusing on important and diverse domains within social psychology and social cognition).

The interdisciplinary research unit consists of seven projects. These show a strong methodological and conceptual overlap; In particular, all projects are united by a clear focus on social cognition. In addition, they integrate conceptual insights and methodological approaches from the disciplines of animal behavior and behavior economics.

We investigate some of the most fundamental, ubiquitous, and influential intrapersonal and interpersonal processes and concepts of psychological science as antecedents and consequences of comparative thinking.

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Coordination and contact


Daniela Kussberger

E-mail / Phone:
+49 (0)221 470-1192

Research coordinator
Alexa Weiss

E-mail / Phone:
+49 (0)221 470-1212

FOR 2150 Relativity
in Social Cognition
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