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SoCCCo Projects

Excellence Cluster | Felix Bierbrauer & Isabel Schnabel
ECONtribute SoCCCo Investigators: Anne Gast, Wilhelm Hofmann, & Joris Lammers

DFG Emmy Noether Program | Anne Gast
Evaluation and Memory

DFG Research Grant | Thorsten Erle
Connecting Social and Spatial Cognition: The Role of the Body in Perspective-Taking

DFG Research Grant | Arndt Bröder & Andreas Glöckner
Coherence-Based Reasoning: Modelling Attention and Information Search

DFG Research Grant | Adam Hahn
Self-Insight into Attitudes: Distinguishing Introspective from Social Self-Awareness in Research on Implicit Evaluations

DFG Research Grant | Rita Silva
On the Limits of Judgmental Correction: Differences of Fluency Effects in Bias Awareness and Naïve Theories about Bias Direction

DFG Research Grant | Ann-Christin Posten
How Much do You Trust Me? Determining Thresholds for Trust to Be Perceived as Such

Humboldt Foundation | Humboldt Fellowship | Christian Unkelbach & Vaughn Becker
Representing and Reasoning about the Categories of Social Life

Humboldt Foundation | Philipp Schwartz Initiative | Christian Unkelbach
Immigration from the Immigrants' Perspective: Differential Attitudes, Problems, and Challenges