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The Social Cognition Center Cologne (SoCCCo) provides a dynamic research environment for the psychological study of human social behavior. Our goal is to better understand how people think about, judge, and behave towards others by examining the cognitive processes that underlie these endeavors. SoCCCo brings together eight research groups at the University of Cologne that study a broad array of topics in social cognition, ranging from the dynamics of self-control to the ubiquity of social comparison and the intricacies of processing valenced information. The Center is supported by the DFG via the excellence initiative as well as Emmy Noether and regular grant programs.

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June 2016

SoCCCo members successful in the C-SEB Funding Program 2016.

January 2016

Wilhelm Hofmann receives the Leo Spitzer Prize of the University of Cologne.

November 2015

C-SEB Workshop and Opening Celebration featuring a Keynote by International Faculty Member Adam Galinsky