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Doctoral Researcher

M. Sc. Felix Speckmann

Phone +49-221-470-1299

AddressRichard-Strauss-Str. 2, 50931 Köln | Germany

Room 1.A16
Office hours by appointment

Research interests

Stereotypes and prejudice • Intercultural psychology • Category perception • Spatial arrangement • Web scraping • Machine learning • Multidimensional scaling


  • Speckmann, F., & Steinmetz, J. (2018). Temporal discounting in Japan and Germany. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  • Koch, A. S., Speckmann, F., & Unkelbach, C. (2018). Q-SpAM: Using spatial arrangement to measure similarity in efficient online research powered by Qualtrics. Manuscript in preparation.

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Academic distinctions

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