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Doctoral Researcher

M. Sc. Corinna Michels

Phone +49-221-470-1525
Fax +49-221-470-1216

AddressRichard-Strauss-Str. 2, 50931 Köln | Germany

Room 2.A05
Office hours by appointment

Research interests

Social comparison • Distrust • Social cognition • Social influence • Hierarchy • Social exclusion / ostracism


  • Mussweiler, T., Michels, C., & Weiss, A. (2016). Reflections on comparison: The selective accessibility mechanism. In R. Deutsch, B. Gawronski, & W. Hofmann (Eds.), Reflective and impulsive determinants of human behavior (pp. 19–34). New York, NY: Psychology Press.
  • Schmitt, V., Federspiel, I. G., Eckert, J., Keupp, S., Tschernek, L., Faraut, L., Schuster, R., Michels, C., Sennhenn-Reulen, H., Bugnyar, T., Mussweiler, T., & Fischer, J. (2016). Do monkeys compare themselves to others? Animal Cognition, 19, 417-428. doi:10.1007/s10071-015-0943-4
  • Ferstl, E. C., & Michels, C. (2012). Theory of Mind und Kommunikation: Zwei Seiten derselben Medaille? [Theory of mind and communication: Two sides of the same coin?]. In H. Förstl (Ed.), Theory of Mind: Neurobiologie und Psychologie sozialen Verhaltens (2nd ed., pp. 121–134). Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.

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Academic distinctions

  • Junior Start-Up Grant Mental simulation—Imagining the self in time and space, awarded by C-SEB, University of Cologne, 2016
  • Young Academics Award, awarded by the Graduate School of the Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Cologne, 2016
  • Junior Start-Up Grant Emotional consequences of ostracism: When and why does exclusion promote affiliative emotions? (together with Lea Boecker, PI), awarded by C-SEB, University of Cologne, 2016
  • Graduate Student Travel Award for SPSP 16th Annual Meeting 2015, The Society for Personality and Social Psychology, 2014
  • Master Thesis Award, Department of Psychology at the University of Cologne, 2013

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